The Nikki Davis Team
The Nikki Davis Team

Photo Fun in Downtown Evansville

This last Sunday, Team Nikki Davis and kiddos hit Downtown Evansville, Indiana, for some fun winter pics ❄️📷. Did you know that Downtown has its own holiday resource page at: https://downtownevansville.com/about_us/holidays_downtown/index.php - There you can find info on holiday events, decor, shopping 🛍, dining 🥘, AND EVEN SANTA'S MAILBOX 🎅📮! To head to downtown for your own snaps, Downtown Evansville shares that their 2022 Holiday Décor & Lighting Installations are located as follows 🎄💡:

🎄 Tunnel of Light (One Main Street)
🎄 12 ft. Nutcrackers and Lighted Archway (200 Block of Main)
🎄 Heart of Downtown Evansville (200 Block of Main)
🎄 Santa’s Little Helpers Alley (200 Block of Main)
-Decorated Fountain ( 300 Block of Main)
🎄 10 ft. Christmas Tree (400 Block of Main)
🎄 12 ft. Snowflake (500 Block of Main)
🎄 Holiday Banners (Displayed along Main Street, Fourth Street, and Sixth Street)

Holiday décor is funded by Downtown property owners through the Downtown Evansville Economic Improvement District.

According to their website: "Santa's Mailbox is an annual tradition that began in Downtown Evansville in 2019. Located at Third & Main, Santa's Mailbox is proudly sponsored by Riverside Capital Management Jim Back, CFP® Financial Advisor Daniel Schweikhart Financial Advisor.

Complimentary stationery is provided at the following businesses in Downtown Evansville:

✉️ Downtown Stationery Locations
✉️ Memo, 209 Main
✉️ River City Coffee + Goods, 223 Main
✉️ River Kitty Cat Café, 226 Main
✉️ Sixth + Zero, 425 Main

Each location will have stationery, a return address envelope, and an envelope addressed to Santa Claus, IN. The return address envelope should be filled out with the child's address and placed with the stationery inside the envelope addressed to Santa Claus, IN. Please note, a stamp is not required on any of the envelopes.

At our holiday events we also provide letter supplies. Place your letter in the mailbox and we'll hand deliver the letters to Santa and his elves in Santa Claus, IN.

To ensure a response from Santa and his elves by Christmas, all letters must be placed in the mailbox by December 15. A reminder, a stamp is not required."


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